All of our homes are built to the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home standard with the goal of achieving a net-zero energy community.

Our goal is to provide a greater diversity of housing choice with small homes that anyone can afford, including recent college graduates with student loan debt and retirees on a fixed income.

We are building towards a sustainable future where everyone has a safe, healthy place to call home. Proving that Sustainable is Attainable!


We believe that everyone deserves to live in the SHADE:
a Sustainable, Healthy, Affordable, Durable, Efficient home.

Howard Building Science is proving that high performance, sustainable housing is attainable, with low energy bills and healthy air quality, while building at a reasonable cost to help grow middle income housing for our neighbors.

All of our homes are Zero energy ready, which basically means that they are certified as being energy efficient with healthy air quality. In addition to that, we're working with Pearl Certification to help promote all of the benefits of certified homes.

Howard Building Science helps promote all of the benefits of certifying our homes to make sure that our buyers understand all the benefits of the homes and what makes them unique, and ultimately better than the average home that is simply just built to code.